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Back and posture problems

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Diastasis Recti/Core Issues

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Emotional Symptoms

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Hip/Mobility Issues

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Breathing/Jaw Symptoms

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Pelvic Floor Disorder

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Short on time and budget?

Kickoff with Hypopressives!

A full-body breathing technique that reduces pressure in your core & pelvic floor.

  • 10 mins/day is all you need
  • 1:1 support from master trainers to motivate and fine tune your technique
  • Weekly Live classes
  • A sisterhood that empowers and motivates you!

If you have symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and are short on time and budget, this is your perfect kickoff to regain and thrive.

Comprehensive and Convenient!

12-week Pelvic Health Program

Tailor-made program that produces the result’s you are looking for!

  • 20-30 mins/day curated videos to follow-along
  • Featuring +15 teachers from around the world
  • Covers physical exercises, lifestyle & mind over medicine techniques
  • 1:1 coaching throughout the period.
    She is supporting you completely!
  • Weekly Live classes
  • Pause & extend up to 3 more months for free

Perfect for women looking for a comprehensive program to start healing fully!

Join an empowered community of 3000+ women across age groups from all around the world!

“When I first did the apnea, I was like oh my god. This method works. I want women out there to know this!”


“This is actually better than going to a therapist, since I get to do this from home at the cost of 1 office visit.”


I’m so happy and comfortable with Moonrise! I’m doing the hypopressives course and am already feeling confident about healing my prolapse and improving my.whole body. Abby Lord is so completely relatable and the support from Filippa for any questions is great. I’ve seen the high priced offerings for other courses and am beyond grateful that this is affordable, making pelvic floor dysfunction healing possible for almost anyone. I took the leap to invest in myself after 10 years of prolapse misery. All I can say is, don’t hesitate – do it!

Group 6
Wendy Daniels

I have been welcomed into this healing community, and have been supported by personal attention from Filippa, with excellent informative teaching videos from Abby and from Filippa. So far, in just a few weeks, I have begun to feel better, and my symptoms have lessened. I look forward to further progress.

Anne C Hubbard

Knowledgeable innovative committed leaders in prolapse recovery/ healing. Slow enough you don’t get discouraged and the focus is recovery not a face paced exercise class. Thank you all I’ll let you know when I’m a miracle like many of you

Thi Dao

A very enjoyable course. Feeling so much better for practicing Hypopressives. Filippa and Abby who teach this course are genuine, excellent teachers. All the videos are easy to follow with very clear instructions. I practice every day for about 10 minutes and now feel confident that with time my prolapse will heal. Also customer support at MoonRise is very efficient and helpful.

Amanda MoonRise customer
Margaret Legassick

Meet our master trainers and teachers

We’ve walked a mile in your shoes and are here to support you

We have assembled pioneering health care workers, alternative health practitioners and well-being experts  to offer you a complete ecosystem of support to reclaim your health.

Our teachers have gone through the symptoms we work with and have come out on the other side. We literally understand the journey you are on and are here to help every step of the way.

Group 427320283

Abby Lord

Abby Lord

Healed symptoms of prolapse, incontinence and 6-finger diastasis-recti

Trista Zinn

Trista Zinn

Healed symptoms of bladder prolapse using Hypopressives

Allie Murphy

Allie Murphy

Healed PMS & Sexual Trauma. EFT/Tapping Practitioner

Dr. Claudia Welch

Dr. Claudia Welch

Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Ayurveda Advocate

Lavinia Plonka

Lavinia Plonka

Healed trauma & stress. Feldenkrais Practitioner & Advocate

Deanna Hansen

Deanna Hansen

Healed 10+ conditions. Block Therapy & Fluid Isometrics Co-Founder

Dr. Brianne Grogan

Dr. Brianne Grogan

Healed Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. DPT in Physical Therapy

Caroline Johnson

Caroline Johnson

Healed 8 finger Diastasis Recti (DR). Scar Release Therapy & DR Therapist

Filippa Odevall

Filippa Odevall

Healed Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. MoonRise Co-Founder

Jennifer Sobel

Jennifer Sobel

Works with Incontinence. Belly Dance Instructor

Claire Eccleston

Claire Eccleston

Healed Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Scar Tissue Practitioner

Rebecca Tiger

Rebecca Tiger

Healed infertility. Pelvic Steaming Practitioner

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pelvic floor

Can Hypopressives Make Prolapse Worse?

filippa-odevall • Aug 24, 2022

pelvic floor

Can I Run with Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

filippa-odevall • Jun 09, 2022

Still have questions?Here are some answers that can help

Yes Hypopressives can help with these symptoms and other connected conditions affecting our core, back & pelvic health.

Hypopressive exercises combines various positions of the arm and feet along with the apnea or breath hold to activate your myofascial slings.

Myofascial slings are complex connections of muscle, fascia, and ligament, which help support the inner, stabilising muscles (deep supportive core) of the trunk and significantly contribute to movement and stability of the lumbar spine and pelvis. Every single Hypopressive helps you rejuvernate and reconnect your pelvic floor and core naturally.

Hypopressives require no equipment and are suitable for women of all ages and conditions. With tons of modifications available, you are never left behind with Hypopressives.

Read more about Hypopressives


If you have a limited budget & time, we recommend beginning with our Hypopressives Course. You only need 10 minutes/day and for a 1-time payment of 119 USD, you get lifetime access to all content, live classes & 1-1 support to ensure you are doing the technique right.

 Buy Hypopressives Course

If you need more 1-1 support, access multiple therapies and can spend more resources, we recommend our full signature Pelvic Floor Dysfunction program with Filippa. In this 12-week program, you get the following:

  • You get Filippa working 1-1 with you.
  • You have access to multiple therapies (Hypopressives are included)
  • You would start with 10 minutes/day and slowly get up to 30-45 minutes/day of self-healthcare work.
  • The 12-weeks gives you the opportunity to dive head first to reclaiming your health
  • You can also pause the program for up to 8 weeks since life happens and this should not feel stressful.

We tend to see better outcomes as you add more therapies to your toolbox to reverse symptoms.

Buy our 12-week Pelvic health program

Regarding the results:

As you can imagine, the answer is very individual.

Some women notice a change after 3-6 months. Some after 3-6 weeks. Our recommendation is at least 10 minutes per day for 3-6 months.

Yes! We have seen women of all ages see results. Our oldest member is 91 years old who reversed the symptoms of incontinence within 6 months.

Yes! A hypertonic pelvic floor is an overactive, highly tensed pelvic floor. Doing more Kegels here would be detrimental since it creates more tension.

While relaxation is the way to go, you need to aim for a reflexive pelvic floor i.e. a pelvic floor that supports you in your everyday movements and in your everyday life.

We recommend joining our 12-week pelvic program to get your pelvic health back

Join our 12-week pelvic health program

Your purchase includes:

  • 12-week access to a tailor-fit program that includes exercises customized for you. We’ll make sure that your program is suitable for your unique circumstances, the symptoms you need to work through, and that contraindications are clearly stated.
  • The pre-recorded videos that you can watch them on any device, from the comfort of your home.
  • Communication with Filippa who answers all your questions, checks in with you, and is dedicated to your progress and healing.
  • thriving, positive community of women, teachers, and  health care experts who support and cheer you on.
  • Weekly Live classes
  • Full access to our Hypopressives basic course

Read more here

The Hypopressives program consists of the following:

  • Follow-along videos 10 minutes/day to learn the technique and follow-along
  • Live Classes every week to deepen your practice and ask questions
  • 1-1 Support via email to ensure you are doing the technique right
  • Once your technique is approved, you get access to more flows & the full program is then unlocked. This ensures you have no unintended side-effects
  • All the above is included for lifetime access

Read more & buy here 

Yes, Hypopressives can work even if you have been operated for pelvic dysfunction/prolapse. If you have recently been operated, we recommend getting a certificate to get started working out again from your doctor. Until then, we recommend only doing the lateral breath & alignment, and not the apnea.

For Hypopressives

You are eligible to get your full money back if you get no results after doing our course. You would need to fulfill all the below critiera:

  1. Followed the program as designed including watching the full course/set of videos
  2. Received an approval from your hypopressives instructor about your techniqu
  3. Consistently practiced 10 minutes/day for 180 days at least

We then ask you to fill in a form for us to process your request and approve it. If approved, we return the full amount back to your card. Refunds can take up to 5 business days from approval by us.

For Pelvic Dysfunction Program

You are eligible to get your full money back if you see no results from our program. You would need to fulfill all the below criteria:

  1. Followed the program as designed including watching the full course/set of videos
  2. Been in contact with your dedicated pelvic coach
  3. Consistently practiced the therapies assigned to you for at least 10 minutes/day for 180 days

We then ask you to fill in a form for us to process your request and approve it. If approved, we return the full amount back to your card. Refunds can take up to 5 business days from approval by us.

If you are joining us since you are not seeing results from Kegels, we would recommend you to avoid Kegels for the time you try us.

Hypopressives & our 12-week program activates the slower muscle fibers, fascia and nerve threads that we don’t activate when we do a Kegel. We also think it is a cleaner approach to understand if our programs are working for you.


Yes with the right set of personalized exercises, Diastasis can indeed be reversed years later.

The key to getting this right is to ensure the following:

  1. You have measured your separation right (we teach this in our program)
  2. You listen to your body and follow the exercises safely
  3. You communicate with us if something doesn’t feel right
  4. You are consistent in your practice (90-180 days, 10 mins/day)
  5. You give your body the right support mentally and emotionally.

You use a set of body-based practices created specifically for women with Diastasis Recti (DR) that are both safe and proven to work. They work because they address the root cause of this condition – which is the overstraining or damaging of the linea alba (connective tissue) located in your abdomen. Plus, when you add in some mind-based & lifestyle practices to these physical DR exercises, you create an environment where you can accelerate your healing.

Read more about our diastasis recti course

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