How Does Overstretched Fascia Cause Diastasis Recti? (PDF)

Ever wondered what allows the belly to grow, expand, and stretch during pregnancy? Well, it’s actually the same thing that helps the belly return to its (mostly) original state afterward. It’s the linea alba – connective tissue formed by the fascia of the abdominal muscles. It runs vertically down the midline of your stomach. The […]

Safe exercises for Diastasis Recti (PDF)

I know the feeling. After struggling with symptoms of Diastasis Recti (DR) myself, all I wanted was to become pain-free, feel comfortable in my body again, and get back to living life. For me, this included getting back to my super-active lifestyle and exercising the way I used to. What I learned right off the […]

Diastasis Recti Surgery: Is it really worth it?

It’s not an easy choice – deciding between getting surgery or not. The decision becomes even harder when you’re not sure what the alternative is. And even if there is an alternative, how do you know if it works? This is the dilemma for women who consider having surgery for Diastasis Recti. It’s common for […]

How to Fix Diastasis Recti Years Later

Ready for some good news? Silly question, right…because who doesn’t love good news? Well, here it is. If you’re wondering “Can diastasis recti heal 1, 2, 10, or 20 years after pregnancy?” you’ll be happy to hear that the answer is, YES! You can heal diastasis recti no matter how long it’s been since your […]

Urinary Incontinence Natural Treatment: Belly Dancing

Back To Blog Urinary Incontinence Natural Treatment: Belly Dancing Did you know that one of the best natural treatments for urinary incontinence has been around for over a millennium? The World Health Organization declared urinary incontinence a health priority because 200 million people worldwide suffer from it and 80% of them are American women. The […]

Exercises to Heal Diastasis Recti Naturally

When there is some type of imbalance in the body, it’s important to ask some eye-opening questions: “What can I do to heal this imbalance and return to optimal health?”  “What do I avoid, so that this imbalance doesn’t get worse? It’s equally as valuable to ask yourself “what to do & what not to […]

Vaginal Scar Tissue: What can you do about it?

Did you know that between 70 to 80 percent of all women who gave birth vaginally have scar tissue inside their vaginas? This may or may not surprise you, but what I’m about to say next might. Most women don’t know what vaginal scar tissue feels like. Maybe this isn’t so surprising after all – […]