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What if there was a Hypopressive training class REALLY near you, like, in your bedroom kind of near, or in your front room kind of near? Yep, you guessed it – Hypopressives can absolutely be done from home, but it’s VITAL they are done with guidance, and 121 support, or they could make pelvic prolapse symptoms worse.

MoonRise Co-Founder Filippa Odevall discusses this topic in the video below, but for those that prefer to read, here’s the skinny on why ‘hypopressive training classes near me’ is a smarter thing to Google than ‘free hypopressives exercises YouTube’!

Finding Hypopressive Training near you

Many women want to attend hypopressives classes close to where they live, and this is a brilliant thing – but we need to be patient, as hypopressives classes and practitioners are still few and far between.

The lack of in person hypopressives training classes has of course been exacerbated by Covid, and the fact that many classes had to move online.  If you CAN find a class close to you, with a teacher keeping an eye on you to ensure you do things correctly, wonderful, but what if you can’t

Many hypopressives practitioners will want you to have a foundational understanding of hypopressive exercises before you attend the classes, but how do you achieve that when you can’t find a class near you? Well, that’s where we come in!

Hypopressive training with MoonRise:

Hypopressives training exercises are offered as part of my Pelvic Dysfunction Program, where you will receive personal guidance from myself, (I used Hypopressives to heal myself naturally from Pelvic Organ Prolapse) as well as Hypopressives expert Abby Lord; Director of Hypopressive Scotland and Founding member of The International Hypopressive Council. 

Abby suffered a traumatic birth with her first son, after being in labour for over 36 hours. Since the symptoms she was experiencing were something she could “handle”, she returned to her normal workout routines. She even tried Kegels and physiotherapy to heal from the birth injuries, but things got worse. 

Around the same time, Abby became pregnant with her second son. Fortunately, she had a much better birth this time around. But shortly after her delivery, while breastfeeding her baby, Abby felt a lump in her pants. Given her distress and terror, she phoned an after-hours number to speak to a doctor, but sadly she wasn’t helped or comforted.

Abby felt she had no other choice but to take things into her own hands. After discovering and attending a local Hypopressives class in her area, Abby felt relief and intuitively knew this was the method that would help her heal the pelvic organ prolapse.

Abby has been teaching Hypopressives; a breath and alignment based holistic programme designed especially for pelvic floor rehabilitation, since 2013. 

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Hypopressives at home: A word of caution

Many women, including our current MoonRisers, are already adept at the time-dedication, self-motivation and commitment needed to work on yourself from home, and are familiar with how effective and wonderful it can be to exercise and maintain self-care in a space that is not only safe and comfortable, but convenient and available at any time of the day!

If there is one good thing to come out of the several periods of lockdown necessitated by Covid-19, it’s a gradual awareness of and trend towards people using their homes for self-care, exercise and healing. What can be easier than waking up and shaking out your yoga mat, right

Unfortunately, one thing that requires caution when doing them at home, is Hypopressives.

Hypopressives performed incorrectly after the use of follow-along videos on YouTube can make pelvic prolapse symptoms worse, and is actually one of the most common reasons why our customers come to us. The problem is, that, done incorrectly, apnea exercises represent a high risk of increasing downwards pressure on your internal organs – literally the opposite to what we want when healing Pelvic Floor Dysfunction!

To do Hypopressives at home safely, you need feedback on your alignment, your breathing pattern and most of all, how you are practising your apnea.

MoonRise courses give you foundational hypopressive exercise classes via tailor-made, digital content, which is constantly evolving to address customer queries and concerns. We take you slowly, safely, and step-by-step through Hypopressives. Most importantly, you’ll receive 121 feedback from an expert who watches you doing the hypopressive exercises and can correct any mistakes you are making, as well as address any concerns or questions you have as part of your practice. We make sure nothing is practised in the wrong way. 

Given we get so many inquiries about Hypopressives, we’ve decided to do a group Zoom call to answer any questions you have about them, or our Pelvic Dysfunction Program. It’s totally free and a safe space for sharing, learning and answering any burning questions you have about hypopressives. To join the Together Thursdays Hypopressives call on 8 September, please email us at support@moonrise.health.

Hypopressives at home: Getting Started

All you need is some uninterrupted, ideally kid-free (although many of our postpartum mums practise with bub next to them on a blanket or playmat) time (we recommend a minimum 10 minutes a day), a ball which is bigger than a tennis ball, but smaller than a football, some space, and something comfy to sit on. You don’t even need a yoga mat, as long as you can sit comfortably, with a straight back (and maybe on something soft enough so you don’t get distracted by a numb bum!). 

You would ideally wear soft, comfortable clothes, and, preferably, have an empty stomach. Hypopressives are optimally practised before breakfast, on an empty stomach, and when your mind and body are in that beautiful twilight phase between sleep and wakefulness. Whilst logistically tricky when we have work and family responsibilities, we encourage you to give yourself this time in the day, and start your day with the boosted energy levels, hormonal production and a peaceful mental equilibrium that hypopressives give you.

Please remember, don’t perform hypopressives by using free YouTube videos, unless you have the guidance of a teacher who can check you are doing them safely. If you are lucky enough to be able to access a class near you, we encourage you to sign up today to begin to reap the amazing benefits Hypopressives offer you. If that’s not possible, please take a look at my Pelvic Dysfunction Program – with MoonRise, hypopressive training classes really are near you whenever you need them.

Given we get so many inquiries about Hypopressives, we’ve decided to do a group Zoom call to answer any questions you have about them, or our Pelvic Dysfunction Program. It’s totally free and a safe space for sharing, learning and answering any burning questions you have about hypopressives. To join the Together Thursdays Hypopressives call on 8 September, please email us at support@moonrise.health.

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