3 Amazing Courses & 2 Bonuses included!

Course 1: Hypopressives

We will do a breathing technique called Hypopressives. It activates your myofascial slings and creates a lift in your pelvic floor from your diaphragm. We remove intra-abdominal pressure and help revitalise your pelvic floor. You will learn to position your hands and feet, breathe in and out and create a breath-hold.

Hypopressives is also useful for the below:

  • Assists in healing core & pelvic floor issues
  • Increases circulation & fluidity
  • Dissolves scar tissue & adhesions
  • Reduces pressure in the pelvis and abdomen
  • Restores pelvic and abdominal tissues
  • Creates a taller posture
  • Repairs the nervous system
  • Calms the mind – slows down thoughts
  • Increases overall energy & outlook
  • Reduces stress & anxiety

Course 2: Belly Dance Inspired Movements

We will work with belly dance inspired pelvic movements. Don’t worry – you don’t have to know how to dance to go through this. It is a simple beginner friendly movement program that activates your core and pelvic floor. The latest research shows how these movements can help reverse incontinence. 

You will do basic belly and pelvic floor movements

You will do them standing, sitting and lying down.

They are fun and you are guided every step of the way.

Psst: You can do this in your living room and look as goofy as you like. No one is judging!

Course 3: Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping and Anxiety relief

Finally, we will work with your mindset and mental side of things through affirmations and EFT tapping to relieve anxiety. We will tap on key energy points, repeat mantras to help reprogram your mind and relive any feelings of grief, anxiety or being stuck. 

Bonus 1: 3 minute anxiety relief for pelvic floor

The 3-minute anxiety relief program incorporates deep breathing exercises and guided visualization techniques to quickly calm the mind and relax the body. By focusing on the present moment and engaging in intentional relaxation, you can experience a noticeable reduction in anxiety and an increased sense of calm within just a few minutes. Work with the power of your mind to start to feel better.

Bonus 2: Visualisations for Pelvic floor

This course is designed to help you regain control and alleviate discomfort. Through guided imagery, you are encouraged to visualize your pelvic floor muscles as strong, flexible, and functioning optimally. By engaging the power of the mind, this course aims to improve awareness, relaxation, and coordination of the pelvic floor, empowering you to take an active role in your pelvic area and overall body.

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