How about prolapse surgeries?

There are different surgical treatments for pelvic floor dysfunction – the common four being surgical repair, vaginal mesh surgery, hysterectomy and closing the vagina

In one study, researchers noted a high failure rate of up to 61.5%. They also noted that some prolapse surgeries have been commonly performed despite insufficient efficacy data.

In addition, some patients believed their prolapse surgery “worked” because it gave them relief of certain symptoms — despite the high failure rates noted by their surgeons.

In his editorial, Mickey M. Karram, MD (an internationally-renowned urogynecologist and pelvic surgeon) criticized the lack of standardized instruments to assess prolapse accurately and little data on why prolapse surgeries fail. In his words:

“While the literature is replete with new techniques and modifications that show excellent outcomes, in reality, this is not the case.” 

What’s the primary reason for this lack of information on failed prolapse surgeries? In short, surgeons are hesitant to publish bad outcomes about their operations.

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