Our suggestion: The secret is in your breath, alignment and fascia activation

A combination of breathing techniques, alignment and activation of your fascia (the largest organ in your body that runs from head to toe) is the secret to start to reverse back and posture issues.

You get all this by doing Hypopressives for 10 minutes/day.

Let’s break this down:

Align: By practising the Hypopressives lateral breath, you start to expand your ribs, you start to create more space in your body. This not only reduces stress but also promotes alignment of the ribs and spine. This leads to an elongated back and spine creating a better posture.

Reduce pressure: Hypopressives engage your core muscles by removing intra-abdominal pressure that helps remove the strain of your spine and strengthen the outer and deep core muscles instead.

Fascial decompression: By activating your myofascial slings that runs through your body, Hypopressives helps in decompressing your spine, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles leading to more vitality and flow.

In short, by doing the breath work with hypopressives, you can start to strengthen your core and abdominal muscles, elongate your spine that leads to improved posture and reduction in back strain.

10 minutes per day for 12-weeks is all you need to start seeing results.

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