Paid Hypopressives: On-Demand Course

An on-demand course with a qualified instructor does indeed sound better. After all, he/she has curated the content for you, laid it out in an order that is thought-through and easy to follow.

However, having just an on-demand course still falls into the same issue as free Youtube videos.

Without someone supervising your technique, you still might get the technique wrong, however pedagogical and well-filmed the videos are.

An informal study we did within MoonRise saw over 60% of women getting their technique wrong initially.

A large majority of them needed moderate to large corrections while only a small minority needed minor corrections.

To reiterate, we’re talking about subtleties—microscopic changes that often elude detection when you’re the subject of your own practice.

Only the discerning eye of a carefully trained external observer can pinpoint these nuances, which play a pivotal role in achieving desired results.

Moving forward, let’s address a significant hurdle encountered in self-paced courses: motivation.

Startling statistics reveal that a staggering 87% of all self-paced online courses go unfinished.

This means that not only have you invested your hard-earned money, but there’s also a high likelihood that you might never see the course through to completion.

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