Stop the leak. 10 minutes/day is all you need!

What if I told you that by investing 10 minutes/day consistently you can get your freedom back.

You don’t have to search frantically for that bathroom anymore or think twice about leaving home without a knot in your stomach. 

You can jump, hike, be intimate and do all the things you enjoy!

On the matter of intimacy, by working with our program, your V gets renewed vitality and you get improved confidence that you feel all feminine and empowered again! I have women coming and telling me how they have their second love innings going on in full flow after working with me for a short 12 weeks. 

This is the ultimate “Stop the leak” program.

It is a custom built program for you featuring 3 amazing courses:

  1. Hypopressives breath work
  2. Belly Dance Inspired movements
  3. Visualisations and EFT Tapping 

Read on below!

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