What are common pitfalls of traditional Diastasis exercises?

There are many common Diastasis exercises such as modified planks, side-lying leg lifts, wall push ups, transverse abdominis activation etc.

However, it is important you avoid the following mistakes:

  1. No 1 size fits all: Not all exercises are suitable for our bodies. We need to dynamically adapt the exercises to suit each and every need. Following along to YouTube videos might not take you to symptom-free.
  2. Not enough progression: Doing the same exercises over time won’t lead to better results. We need to constantly strengthen and layer on to get results. Not having someone work with you to adapt the exercises might not take you to symptom-free.
  3. Underlying root causes: We might want to look at other contributing factors such as hormonal imbalances, overall posture and your lifestyle
  4. Too narrow: If you are comorbid with other conditions e.g. pelvic floor dysfunction, traditional therapy might not produce results you are looking for.

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