What are the risks of Hypopressives?

Risk 1:
Not doing the technique right guided by a certified trainer

Following Youtube Videos, random blogs and PDFs and piecing up your own Hypopressives technique can lead to untoward consequences.

You want to ensure your technique is perfect to not just avoid the risk of worsening any symptoms but not getting any benefit at all.

We at MoonRise have certified master trainers who have on-demand videos coupled with 1-1 coaching making it the most cost and time effective way for you to get started from home.

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Risk 2:
Not following the contraindications for the apnea which are listed below

Let me remind you that Hypopressives consists of 3 pillars: Lateral breathing, alignment and apnea.

Everyone who can breathe can do lateral breath and alignment. They constitute more than 80% of the technique and provide countless health benefits.

The apnea or the breath holds are contraindicated if you are in the above group and should be avoided.

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