What is Diastasis-Recti?

Diastasis Recti is a condition that happens when the muscles in your abdomen (the tummy area) separate or move apart. Normally, there is a line of connective tissue called the linea alba that keeps the muscles in your abdomen close together. But in diastasis recti, that line gets stretched and the muscles separate.

This can occur for different reasons, such as during pregnancy when the growing baby puts pressure on the abdomen and causes the muscles to stretch. It can also happen due to rapid weight gain or improper exercises that strain the abdominal muscles.

When the muscles separate, it can create a gap or a hollow space in the middle of your tummy. This can make the tummy look different, with a bulge or a dip down the middle. Sometimes, it can also cause problems like back pain or difficulty with certain movements because the muscles aren’t as strong and supportive as they should be.

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