What makes Hypopressives effective?

Hypopressives is a simple yet revolutionary technique that has over 93.7%* effectiveness due to the below reasons:

Activation of deep core muscles: They engage and strengthen the deep core muscles, enhancing core stability and pelvic floor support.

Reduction of intra-abdominal pressure: Hypopressives aim to decrease pressure on the abdominal organs and pelvic floor, improving pelvic floor function and abdominal tone.

Reflexive response: They stimulate a reflexive relaxation and toning response from the body, enhancing muscle activation and promoting better posture.

Integration of breathing techniques: Hypopressives incorporate specific breathing patterns that engage the deep core muscles and promote relaxation.

By activating larger parts of your body, Hypopressives is a truly holistic natural approach to not just reversing symptoms but overall wellbeing and vitality. All you need is 10 minutes/day to get started.

*data from 117 women from the MoonRise community with an average age of 53 who have gone through the Hypopressives program and self-rated their improvement on a scale of 1-10 over a period of 12 weeks.

Filippa doing Hypopressives, Hypopressives

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