When are Hypopressives suitable for you?

Hypopressives can be practiced by a wide range of individuals, including both men and women. They are suitable for people of various fitness levels and ages.

Hypopressives can be particularly beneficial for individuals seeking to improve core strength, pelvic floor function, posture, and overall abdominal tone.

Hypopressive exercises benefit the below groups even further:

Women after childbirth: Hypopressives can aid in postpartum recovery, helping to restore pelvic floor strength and tone after pregnancy and childbirth. We recommend getting started 12 weeks after child birth.

Individuals with pelvic floor dysfunction: Hypopressives may be beneficial for those experiencing pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, or pelvic pain.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts: Hypopressives can enhance core stability, improve breathing mechanics, and complement training regimens for athletes and individuals involved in various physical activities.

Individuals seeking improved posture and abdominal tone: Hypopressives can help strengthen the deep core muscles, including the transverse abdominis, which contributes to improved posture and toned abdominal muscles.

Pregnant women: Work preventively during your pregnancy with lateral breath and alignment. You have to wait 12 weeks after child birth to practice the breath holds within Hypopressives.

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