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Youtube vs Courses vs 1-1

Hypopressives is a wonderful technique that can be learnt in many ways. Here is a run down!

YouTube/Free Resources

YouTube is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering a plethora of learning resources for those seeking to explore new techniques and practices.

From cooking to DIY projects, it’s the go-to platform to see how things are done and even follow along with instructional videos.

Hypopressives, a technique that combines three fundamental aspects – Lateral Breath, Alignment, and Apnea/Breath Hold, is no exception to this trend.

Let’s dive into the world of Hypopressives and explore whether YouTube alone is sufficient for mastering this unique practice.

Understanding Hypopressives: A Quick Overview

Before we delve into the role of YouTube in learning Hypopressives, let’s grasp the basics of this intriguing technique.

Hypopressives is all about harmonizing your breath, body alignment, and controlled breath holds to achieve various health benefits.

If you’re new to Hypopressives or curious about its potential advantages, here is a quick demo and explanation of Hypopressives.

YouTube is a great place to get a feel of the technique and understand if this might be useful for you.

Hypopressives entail several moving parts, including the alignment of your hands and feet, body positioning, balance, muscle activation, and precise breathing patterns.

These elements must seamlessly come together for the technique to be effective. Learning the basics of alignment and lateral breath (rib cage expansion) can indeed be done on YouTube. However, doing the apnea/breath-hold without supervision initially is not advised.

Even if you’re an experienced yogi or Pilates instructor with a heightened body awareness, mastering Hypopressives requires meticulous attention to detail in the beginning.

Any misstep could yield sub-optimal results or, worse, exacerbate existing issues.

Performing Hypopressives incorrectly can have serious consequences.

This is why attempting the apnea (breath hold) component without proper guidance is strongly discouraged, especially if you’re a beginner. Achieving the right balance between all the elements can be challenging, making professional supervision crucial

And when was the last time you checked the qualifications of someone instructing a technique on youtube? Of course most of us don’t have the inclination or time to do such research when a video on YouTube is so readily available.

Consider this: every week, we receive emails from 3-5 women who have encountered issues while attempting Hypopressives on their own.

These experiences highlight the potential risks of relying solely on YouTube for instruction.

If you are serious about mastering the technique and reaping its benefits safely, it’s strongly recommended that you seek guidance from certified Hypopressives instructors or healthcare professionals who can provide personalized training and supervision.

In conclusion, YouTube is an excellent starting point to acquaint yourself with Hypopressives and its components.

However, due to the intricacies and potential pitfalls associated with this technique, particularly the breath-holding aspect, it’s wise to complement your learning with professional guidance.

Paid Hypopressives: On-Demand Course

An on-demand course with a qualified instructor does indeed sound better. After all, he/she has curated the content for you, laid it out in an order that is thought-through and easy to follow.

However, having just an on-demand course still falls into the same issue as free Youtube videos.

Without someone supervising your technique, you still might get the technique wrong, however pedagogical and well-filmed the videos are.

An informal study we did within MoonRise saw over 60% of women getting their technique wrong initially.

A large majority of them needed moderate to large corrections while only a small minority needed minor corrections.

To reiterate, we’re talking about subtleties—microscopic changes that often elude detection when you’re the subject of your own practice.

Only the discerning eye of a carefully trained external observer can pinpoint these nuances, which play a pivotal role in achieving desired results.

Moving forward, let’s address a significant hurdle encountered in self-paced courses: motivation.

Startling statistics reveal that a staggering 87% of all self-paced online courses go unfinished.

This means that not only have you invested your hard-earned money, but there’s also a high likelihood that you might never see the course through to completion.

Paid Hypopressives: Group Live Classes

Live classes hold a special place in our hearts. They boast a higher compliance rate compared to on-demand courses because they require you to be present at a specific time. The sense of commitment and motivation that comes with scheduled live classes can be a game-changer.

However, it’s worth noting that in group live classes, the instructor often faces a challenge – they may not have the opportunity to provide individual attention to all participants.

Nevertheless, participating in such classes is undoubtedly a significant step forward in your learning journey.

Live Classes cost between 15-30$ depending on your area and teacher.

At MoonRise, we have weekly live classes you can join. However, these classes are currently provided only for those whose technique has been approved by our teachers already so we can practice safely online.

You can get your technique approved by joining us (scroll below)

Best of On-demand + 1-1 + Group Live Classes

We’ve assembled a team of certified master trainers hailing from North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe, and we’re continuously expanding our roster of dedicated instructors.

Our program includes an on-demand course thoughtfully designed to accommodate your busy schedule.

With just 10 minutes a day, you can easily follow our engaging videos, audio resources, and informative PDFs.

However, there’s a unique twist: you progress through the course as your technique receives approval from our expert teacher team.

Here’s how it works: we’ve streamlined the process for you to record a video directly within our portal, allowing our team to respond promptly with personalized video feedback.

This pedagogical approach ensures your technique is meticulously assessed, providing invaluable guidance.

For those encountering technology challenges, we offer 1-1 check-ups, ensuring that nothing stands in the way of your progress.

But that’s not all. We believe in going the extra mile.

Every week, we host live classes to help you delve deeper into the practice and fine-tune your technique.

Our classes consider individual contraindications and modifications, which we tailor to your unique needs upon joining us.

With just one payment, you gain lifetime access to customized videos, a safe and gradual unlocking of content, asynchronous video feedback, and invitations to our live sessions.

Our program’s design fosters a high level of compliance and diligence among our participants. We achieve this through:

  • Breaking down each video into bite-sized segments of 10 minutes or less.
  • Conducting regular check-ins and live classes to keep you engaged.
  • Providing personal video feedback to motivate and guide you effectively.

When you join us, you’ll not only feel supported but also empowered on your Hypopressives journey. Don’t miss out – learn more and join our vibrant community today.

Your path to better health and well-being starts here!

Paid Hypopressives: 1-1 Zoom

When it comes to ensuring the utmost safety and personalized guidance, 1-1 live sessions reign supreme. Picture this: a qualified instructor dedicated to your progress, available either through Zoom or in person.

Yet, like all good things, this option comes with its own set of challenges:

Scarcity of Instructors: The pool of Hypopressives instructors may be quite limited in your vicinity. Finding one nearby can be akin to locating a hidden gem.

Cost Factor: It’s important to be mindful of the financial aspect. Engaging in 1-1 live sessions can require an investment ranging from $300 to $500 for a package of a few sessions. While the value is undeniable, affordability may be a consideration.

CoresetFitness2019 197 Edit

However, if you possess the economic resources and happen to reside in proximity to a qualified instructor, this becomes a compelling choice to embark on your Hypopressives journey.

The personalized attention and expert guidance offered in 1-1 sessions can set you on a path to success like no other.

10 minutes per day keeps all symptoms away

No pesky pelvic, core or back symptoms to limit you anymore

Filippa doing Hypopressive exercise

Hypopressives Training Course

With the Hypopressives breath-hold, get back to doing things you love with no limitations.

  • 10 mins/day videos to follow-along
  • 1:1 support from a hypopressives instructor to ensure you are doing the technique right
  • Live Weekly Classes that are affordable and catered to different time zones
Perfect for those that have limited time and budget to get started with!

Why our programs work?

Personalized support

1:1 Support personalized to your needs


LIVE weekly classes and group calls


Continuous updates of content and new therapies


On-demand video library, any time, any device


Knowledgeable innovative committed leaders in prolapse recovery/ healing. Slow enough you don’t get discouraged and the focus is recovery not a face paced exercise class. Thank you all I’ll let you know when I’m a miracle like many of you

MoonRise Testimonials

Really enjoying my daily practice, it starts my day beautifully and calmly, ready for anything! It's still early days for me but I feel stronger in my core and better in myself. Tutors are so warm dedicated and professional.

MoonRise Testimonials
Judy Connor

Both Abby and Filippa are very professional and nice instructors. The Hypopressives exercises takes a while to learn but after 4 weeks I'm getting better and also stronger in my core. I'm happy to have found Moonrise!

MoonRise Testimonials
Ann Malmberg

Sooooo much brilliant information on everything you need to know about the menopause and women’s health in general. Tips on diet, the right exercises and mental health are excellent. The check ins with Filippa are lovely and nurturing too. It’s a really well run program and I can’t praise it enough.

MoonRise Testimonials

Here are answers to questions you might have

We guide you to film a video of you doing the technique following along to one of our guided videos. This video is usually about 1-2 minutes long for you to film. You send it within our portal. We reply with a personal video back within 24 hours on weekdays.

See some samples here

In general Hypopressives is very accessible and can be done by anyone with a body and breath. Hypopressives consists of alignment, lateral breathing and apnea/breath-hold.

If you’re pregnant, have had a surgery on your heart or lungs, have diaphragm issues or have ehlers-danlos syndrome (mainly vascular) – we ask you to avoid the apnea.

6 weeks post labour (and 12 weeks if delivery via C-Section), you can resume or start your apnea.

Hypopressives can be as effective with just the alignment and lateral breath.

If you have IBS or Crohns, we ask you to wait for the flare ups to subside before doing the apnea.

Modifications include sitting on the chair instead of on the floor and small foot variations to help you in case you have mobility or hip issues.



Yes, you have countless health benefits such as better posture, better breathing patterns, more functioning pelvic floor, toned core and back, better lung capacity, overall improvement is outlook and well-being.

Currently we offer this in English & Swedish. Launching more soon!

10 minutes/day for 3-6 months is our recommendation. Some see results within weeks and some take many months. Our bodies are different and respond to different types of inputs. However, 93.1% of women from our community report a drastic improvement in their health around 9-12 weeks.

Yes, we do have adapted exercises that you can add as a compliment to your Hypopressives routine.

Yes, Hypopressives can help with Diastasis Recti even if you have had a C-Section.


Yes. Hypopressives can help create better posture, strengthen your fascia and abdominal muscles and create better breathing patterns that helps prevent the symptoms of Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor dysfunction. However, please DO NOT do the apnea while pregnant. Please wait for 6 weeks if normal delivery and 12 weeks if C-section to resume your practice. 

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10 minutes/day of Hypopressives is all you need to reclaim your health

With the Hypopressives breath-hold, get back to doing things you love with no limitations.

  • 10 mins/day videos to follow-along
  • 1:1 support from a hypopressives instructor to ensure you are doing the technique right
  • Live Weekly Classes that are affordable and catered to different time zones