Free 60 minute Webinar: 3 things Doctors don't tell you about Diastasis Recti (& how to heal without surgery) ​


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In This FREE Webinar You Will Learn:

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The signs and symptoms of Diastasis Recti (also known as Abdominal Separation)

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3 things that Drs don’t always tell you about the condition

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That you can heal naturally from Diastasis Recti, even years later

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Of some customers who have healed DR naturally – with before and after pictures!

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That you are not alone. And that you CAN heal without surgery

What people are saying about this Webinar:

I have healed Diastasis Recti myself & now a certified therapist helping women from all around the world

Caroline Johnson Diastasis Recti

At MoonRise, we guide you through exercises for Diastasis Recti staring with the basics. we give you the lime and attention needed to get the exercises right. You are guided step by step by myself and my team of practitioners. you also get booster programs. Involving nutrition. meditation, affirmations and more. In short, you are in safe hands to regain your health back.

Who should join this call?

This call is for anyone who have a diagnosis of Diastasis Recti or suspect having it. If you want to get your core health back, this free webinar might be right for you.

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