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Thank God I found the Moonrise program

It’s an ethos around health and healing which has empowerment and solidarity at its centre. It invites us all to have the courage to believe in our capacity for healing. I recommend Moonrise to anyone struggling with pelvic or other women’s health issues. Everyone’s particular story is different so the program is both tailored, flexible, and as guided or self-directed as you want.


Holistic, natural healing at its best

MoonRise played a major part in teaching me how to encourage significant improvement in my prolapse symptoms and therefore, helped me change my life for the better. The library contains a wealth of information and classes from a wide range of experts and with guidance from Filippa, I found what was right for my own personal healing journey .. read more

The approach is holistic and as such, has also helped me with my mental health as well as my physical health. I would highly recommend MoonRise to anyone who believes in natural healing and am very grateful for the guidance and support I benefitted from which is given in a caring and knowledgeable way.

Amanda MC

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What is included in our programs

Live member-only weekly calls:

  • LIFETIME invite to our weekly calls
  • DEDICATED Q&A time every session
  • Interviews, inspirational content & events
Group Call

1-1 support to ensure safe practice:

  • Get supported every step of the way
  • Personalised to your needs
  • Video, audio & text support
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Comprehensive library to help heal

  • Multiple natural healing therapies, cherry pick your favourites
  • HD quality On-demand videos, guides and PDFs
  • In partnership with women practitioners from around the world
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+1000 women around the world have used our programs to start healing

“It’s not a question of age, it’s about finding the right thing that works. The program gives me hope, confidence and tools, it’s an amazing program, I’m so happy!”


"I love that I was able to work 1:1 with Filippa. She was always there when I needed her."

Thi Dao

I have been welcomed into this healing community, and have been supported by personal attention from Filippa, with excellent informative teaching videos from Abby and from Filippa. So far, in just a few weeks, I have begun to feel better, and my symptoms have lessened. I look forward to further progress.

Anne C Hubbard

First; the training gives results. And that, to me, has been the most important thing. But it's also nice that the platform is easy to use and that the trainers are positive and warm people.

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Sooooo much brilliant information on everything you need to know about the menopause and women’s health in general. Tips on diet, the right exercises and mental health are excellent. The check ins with Filippa are lovely and nurturing too. It’s a really well run program and I can’t praise it enough.

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oonrise has been such a positive experience for me and has given me so many natural methods for managing and working towards eliminating prolapse. I am so grateful I jumped onboard!!

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Penny Hands

After only 7 weeks of doing hypopressives I have noticed a huge improvement! The heaviness I felt is gone, and no more peeing every other hour nor at night. I feel so grateful for having discovered Moonrise. Had I not met Filippa Odevall in a yoga class many years ago, I might still not understand that I could heal myself. Thank you Filippa for your guidance and all the Moonrise staff!

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Judy Nordin

FAQs about the assessment & our programs

This assessment helps you make a guided decision on how to reclaim your health
naturally. We ask you questions about the symptoms limiting you, what you have tried and other related topics about your overall well being.

We then compare your answers with our customer base of over 1000 women from the last 18 months to calculate a score of how fast we think you can get better.

We then present this to you and suggest next steps tailored to your budget, time
commitment and expectations. We give you a results guarantee if you follow the
suggested program and communicate with your dedicated practitioner.

We email you your choices and treat your information confidentially. We do not sell
or share this data with any third party or partners. We will email you some
suggestions and follow up a few days after you have submitted your assessment to
know if you need any other help.

No, there is zero obligation to buy. The assessment was created solely for the purpose of understanding your health situation and to see if either of our programs can help you.

Yes, we offer online programs complete with 1-1 support and weekly live classes. We customise our programs to suit your needs. We know no 1 size fits all. We currently cover over 65 symptoms, the most common being prolapse, diastasis-recti, rectocele to name a few. We recommend you to take the free assessment to see all the symptoms we help with & the programs we offer

Yes! Our programs all come with 1-1 support, done via email/chat/video & audio. We also dedicate a good chunk of time during our live weekly classes for you to ask questions. If you would also want to speak 1-1 with our practitioners, we can offer that once you purchase our program.

If you followed our program and got no improvement, we refund your money (minus any transaction fees).

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Money-back guarantee

To give you complete peace of mind, we offer a full money-back guarantee if you experience no improvements after following our program. We are committed to helping women reclaim their health and we do not take your money or time for granted!

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