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Get started with Hypopressives:

Learn the basics of this technique, get started safely and avoid these rookie mistakes in this free 45 minute live group class


Kom igång med Hypopressives (Svenska)

Du kommer att få lära dig grunderna och kraften i hypopressiv träning; Risker & misstag att undvika; Hur du säkert kommer i gång hemifrån inom 45 korta minuter.


3 mistakes to avoid to heal prolapse and how to safely get started from home

How i healed grade 3 prolapse without surgery, with just 100% natural methods from home.


Kom i gång med hypopressiv träning på ett säkert sätt (Svenska)

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How to get safely started with Hypopressives Alignment:

Top 3 Pelvic Myths to avoid to heal (plus free webinar link included)

How to exercise safely for Diastasis Recti (DR)

Hypertonic Pelvic Floor Symptoms, Causes, & Solutions (PDF)

How to activate your fascia to close abdominal separation

Hypopressives classes near you

Nutrition & DR: How to accelerate your healing through food

How are Vaginal Scar Tissue & Pelvic Dysfunction connected? Hint: this is big

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