How Does Overstretched Fascia Cause Diastasis Recti? (PDF)

Where Diastasis Recti occurs

Ever wondered what allows the belly to grow, expand, and stretch during pregnancy? Well, it’s actually the same thing that helps the belly return to its (mostly) original state afterward.

It’s the linea alba – connective tissue formed by the fascia of the abdominal muscles. It runs vertically down the midline of your stomach.

The linea alba, also known as the abdominal fascia, has elasticity, which is what allows your stomach to grow throughout your pregnancy. After giving birth, this same elasticity is what assists the belly in returning back to its original shape and appearance.

But sometimes this doesn’t happen on its own, and no amount of exercise will improve the appearance of the belly. In these cases, a moderate to severe Diastasis Recti (DR), or abdominal separation, could be present.

There is a lot more to cover and discuss regarding the connection between DR and the linea alba. So much so, that we created a PDF guide to share all these important details with you.

What’s included in the PDF?

In this PDF guide called, “Diastasis Recti and Fascia – It’s Not Just About Closing the Gap”, you will be guided through the following topics.

  • What is Fascia and How Does it Affect DR?
  • Why does it matter if the linea alba is overstretched?
  • What can I do to help heal the linea alba?
    • Stop doing what will make it worse!
    • Start doing what will help it out!
  • Final points & things to remember
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Diastasis Recti and overstretched linea alba

Why does this topic matter?

At MoonRise, we understand that women’s health issues are often treated with surgery or other band-aid solutions. When this happens the root cause of a health issue is ignored and overlooked, so the problem may come back. Or even worse, other problems that weren’t there in the first place can start.

This is a problem with Diastasis Recti. Surgery is the go-to recommendation for DR, yet surgery creates scar tissue, which is actually the root cause of DR. Pretty ironic, right?

However, many doctors and other medical professionals aren’t aware of this, (often they have very little training on DR and how to fix it), and they simply don’t know what other options exist other than surgery.

Herein lies the reason for creating this free PDF guide. So, we can spread the good word – from the scientific perspective & from personal experience – about the root cause of DR and let everyone know that it’s possible to heal it without surgery.

Who should download this?

diastasis recti before after

Anyone and everyone looking for a natural approach to heal Diastasis Recti safely and effectively. There are solutions that involve body-based exercises, tips on reducing intra-abdominal pressure, and tools to ease your mind and the emotional toll caused by the limitations of DR.

If you’re wanting a comprehensive healing plan to fix DR, then this guide is a great starting place for you.

Why is this PDF better than other free content out there?

Caroline and Diastasis Recti

For starters, this guide is complete, not fragmented like what you’ll find online. It covers enough of the science, without boring you, yet explains things in a way that’s digestible. Plus, this PDF covers the what, why, and how of Diastasis Recti – not just one or two of these, but all 3.

The advice you’ll get on how to correct DR is also a lot more unique than pretty much anything out there on the web.

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