On-Demand Webinar: How to SAFELY get started with Hypopressives

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1. Understand the basics and power of Hypopressives 

2. Risks & Mistakes to avoid

3. Get started safely from home


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We run open calls and free webinars frequently. We feature a pioneer speaker, stories of women reclaiming their health and always allocate time for questions. We also promote programs that are relevant for our audience during these calls.  

Our next call’s theme: Hypopressives

Learn about the foundations of the technique, their applications, and why free
YouTube content can worsen symptoms!
Learn about the foundations of the technique, their applications, and why free YouTube content can worsen symptoms!
Hypopressives benefits

What will this 45 minute event cover?

I’m a certified Hypopressives Instructor & used them to successfully heal prolapse symptoms

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At MoonRise we guide you through Hypopressives exercises starting with the basics. We give you the time and attention needed to get the exercises right. You are guided through the exercises by Master trainer Abby Lord and myself, to make sure your alignment, lateral breathing and apnea are being correctly and safely performed.

Commonly asked questions

This webinar will focus on the basics of Hypopressives – the breathing technique, 10 benefits of Hypopressives, how to get started and most importantly the RISKS to avoid. We will also introduce a program for you to consider joining if you are interested to learn more.

The webinar in total is 45 mins. This includes time for FAQ, a demonstration of the right way to do the technique and some theory behind how this all works.

You don’t need any special gear beyond your body and breath. We do demonstrate parts of the technique during the webinar and invite you to follow-along if you feel called to do so. However it is not obligatory. You can wear comfortable clothes.

Yes. You can ask your questions via chat and our team will answer it within the webinar. We have a team monitoring the chat room even though the video is pre-recorded.

Yes you can use your phone, computer or tablet. All you need is a good internet connection.

Who should join this call?

This call is for anyone with pelvic dysfunction who is new to hypopressives and needs to start from scratch, or has begun practising and needs more support
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On-demand not for you?

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