Abby Lord

Qualifications & Expertise
  • Director of Hypopressive Scotland
  • Personal Trainer 
  • Low Pressure Fitness (Hypopressives) Level 3 & Wall series
  • Low Pressure Fitness (Hypopressives)- Training for trainers
  • Founding member of The International Hypopressive Council 

Abby can help with:

Diastasis Recti
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MoonRisers working with Abby:

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I love Abby’s smiles and her positive attitude. I’m on day 9 of the Hypopressives course and Abby has a great way of teaching. She’s really easy to follow and she makes it fun.

I love the way she explains why we’re doing the exercises and how everything is connected in the body. I’m learning so much.

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Abby's Story:

Abby has been teaching Hypopressives, a breath and alignment-based exercise technique designed especially for pelvic floor rehabilitation, since 2013. Abby entered this field and became an expert due to birth injuries that led to prolapse, diastasis recti, & incontinence.

Abby suffered a traumatic birth with her first son, after being in labour for over 36 hours. Since her symptoms were something she could “handle”, she returned to her normal workout routines. She even tried Kegels and physiotherapy to heal from the birth injuries, but things got worse. 

Around the same time, Abby became pregnant with her second son. Fortunately, she had a much better birth this time around. But shortly after her delivery, while breastfeeding her baby, Abby felt a lump in her pants. Given her distress and terror, she phoned an after-hours number to speak to a doctor, but sadly she wasn’t helped or comforted.

Abby felt she had no other choice but to take things into her own hands.

This it when Hypopressives came to the rescue.

After discovering and attending a local Hypopressives class in her area, Abby felt relief and intuitively knew this was the method that would help her heal. 

Months later Abby saw tremendous improvements in the symptoms she faced and in time was able to completely reverse the prolapse, incontinence, and diastasis recti. And all these years later, she is still symptom-free.

This method was life-changing for Abby, which is why she decided to become a Certified Hypopressives Instructor. She’s been teaching this technique for nearly a decade now and helps women all over the world rehabilitate from pelvic floor issues.

Abby teaches Hypopressives to MoonRisers

As a member of the No Kegels System, you can access Abby’s curated program, which was specially designed for women like you. It includes a series of breathing, posture, and alignment exercises (Hypopressives) with step-by-step guidance recorded on videos that you can follow along with from home,

Watch this free webinar about Hypopressives including live q&a, actionable tips to get started and more

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