Filippa Odevall

Filippa Odevall

  • Co-Founder of MoonRise/Women Cycles
  • Creator of MoonRise’s Pelvic Dysfunction Program
  • Prolapse & Birth Injuries Practitioner
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Doula
  • Hypopressives Instructor
  • Author of four books, including best-seller, Sagoyoga

Filippa can help with:

  • Incontinence
  • Prolapse

MoonRisers working with Filippa:

I got both physical and mental tools to try for myself and a lot of support from Filippa. From my heart, I can definitely recommend the pelvic coaching program.

Filippa’s Story:

Filippa healed herself from prolapse before starting a women’s health revolution.

Filippa is a certified doula, yoga and hypopressives instructor. She founded Skolyoga in 2012, the Nordic region’s largest yoga network for schools. She is also the author of four books;  ‘Sagoyoga’, published in 2017, is amongst Sweden’s top 10 children’s bestsellers.

Pro what? Her story

A few months after giving birth to her first child, Filippa knew something was wrong. Though an ultrasound clearly showed she had a mild prolapse and torn tissue, her doctor said there was nothing she could do except Kegels or an invasive surgery.

She went home feeling pacified yet unsure and confused. She did Kegels daily and diligently but felt nothing. Zip. Nada. She contacted her healthcare team again who persisted in telling her to quit complaining.

Three months after the birth of her second child, she suddenly felt something strange in her underwear. She used a mirror and saw a small pink ball inside her vagina — she was petrified and shook uncontrollably for hours.

She didn’t dare to go back to the healthcare system. If they could not support her with simple issues, how could they help with this? She thought her life was over. It all changed one day when she woke up angry and determined to find a solution. Since she had practised yoga for nearly 20 years, she knew that with the right support, her body could do phenomenal things.

The turning point for Filippa

She began to spend every free moment looking for methods to reverse the Grade 3 Symptomatic Prolapse. She spent $10,432 (all her savings) and limitless hours researching and trying methods whilst nurturing two young children.

She finally found healthcare practitioners who had healed prolapse naturally. She stumbled upon a method called Hypopressives — a breathing, posture, and alignment technique. She started feeling relief and achieved significant results within three weeks.

From here on out, she tried several other methods like adding collagen into her diet, acupuncture, vaginal steaming, processing suppressed emotions, dry brushing for lymphatic drainage, scar tissue remediation (i.e. massage), and many more.

She started building her own toolbox with a combination of the most effective methods she tried.

This toolbox, and Filippa as a guide and supporter, is what you get with the Pelvic Dysfunction Program.

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