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Natural Healing For Women, By Women. Our Programs Explained.

How our natural healing program for women compares

Our 12-week Programs come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. That’s how confident we are you’ll get results!

There is a plethora of research which proves that natural healing methods work. 14, 15, 16   for symptoms like incontinence, prolapse or abdominal separation.

Often, traditional (male-designed) ‘one-size fits all’ treatments for women’s health problems aren’t successful. 

Here’s a little comparison between us and standard care:

MoonRise Standard Care
Root Cause Solutions cross
Band-aid Solutions cross
100% Natural cross
1-1 Dedicated Practitioner cross
Health-Practitioner Approved
On-Demand cross
Time Commitment 15 min / day Hours: Driving to/having in-office appointments
100% Money Back Guarantee cross
Out Of Pocket* $349 $1000
New Science & Methods cross
Community cross

Our practitioners have been where you are, and know the importance of:

  • Training and qualifications for ensure safe, effective, scientifically proven methods
  • A hands-on practice, personalized program & 1-to-1 support

    It also means:

how it works 8

Conventional medicine favours “bandaid” solutions which treat symptoms rather than the root cause of a problem. Symptoms can get you down. MoonRise is about digging deep. Whether the cause is physical, mental, or lifestyle based – we’ll get you there to unpack and eliminate.

Customized care isn’t a thing in current conventional medicine. This is despite researchers knowing it speeds up healing, improves quality of life, and is cheaper in the long-run. MoonRise knows this too. The difference is, we make use of that knowledge.

Your time isn’t just money. It’s a resource you’ll never get back. In the USA, it takes 24 days to get a new doctor’s appointment that lasts 15.7 minutes. At MoonRise, your personal coach responds to all your queries within 24 hours during weekdays. No transportation stress. No waiting room restlessness. Chat to your coach whenever you need, as often as you like.

Have pelvic pain? Expect to pay up to $20,898 per year for out of pocket for conventional “fixes”. One of the great things about natural, holistic health is its price tag. Get coached in tried and true solutions for the cost of your morning coffee. Still evidence-based. Still rated 9/10 by real women like you. Just affordable.

A long history of gender bias in conventional medicine means women’s treatments are often based on men’s bodies. That’s why MoonRise has a dedicated Science Team that keeps us up-to-date on the latest clinical trials and cutting-edge research. We’re open-minded and ready to explore all options if it means you heal faster, smarter, and more comfortably.

Loneliness is associated with worse physical health, worse mental health, and worse lifestyle habits. At MoonRise, you’re surrounded by like-minded women looking for better health, at different stages of their journeys. Many want to share what they’ve learnt along the way with you. It should never be about treating symptoms alone. It should always be about holistic health and community support.

MoonRise How our programs work 1

Your Natural Healing Program Will Look Like This:

step 1
Personalised intake & assessment

To get started, you’ll complete our initial health assessment form with specific questions about the symptoms and conditions you are facing. Your responses help us build your program.

how it works 2
Image 2 Chats
step 2
Your customised program begins

Based on your answers in the initial health assessment form, our practitioners design the first half of your 12-week program. You will see it posted on your personal online schedule within 3 days.

Image 2 Chats
step 3
Daily micro habits

Engage in powerful 10 to 20 minute sessions with follow-along videos that include clear, guided instructions from your dedicated practitioner. Practice daily and stay consistent, for the best chance at seeing results.

MoonRise Interface MockUp
Mood and Well being big
step 4
Progress tracking over 12 weeks

With access to a tracking tool to record how you are feeling each week, we assess changes in symptoms and rate your overall mood. The knowledge and insights gained from this tool become invaluable to your healing progress.

Mood and Well being
step 5
Weekly check-ins to assess how you feel

You will receive regular “check-in” and encouragement messages during your 12-week program to reflect on how well your program has worked. This will help us make adjustments to your plan if needed. The more information you provide, the more we can guide and support you!

MoonRise How our programs Work 2
moonrise community
step 6
Sharing with a compassionate community

Feeling you are not alone is a key part of why our programs are loved. Being able to vent and check-in with women who are exactly where your are is so important to your journey.
We have also just launched hosted group Zoom calls and are working on weekend retreats!

how it works 7

Diastasis Recti Program

3 Installments of $116.99

Results, or your money back

Pelvic Dysfunction Program

3 Installments of $116.99

Results, or your money back

Our Program Pillars

MoonRise HomePage 1

Our Program Pillars

Everyone’s problems are unique, and so it follows that our solutions should be too. We commit to a range of treatments with the belief that a multimodal approach leads to better results.

Mind-based Practices

To activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System. Working with your body’s own healing engine, we accelerate recovery. 

Body-based practices

Cultivate a reactivated fascia and reflexive pelvic floor. with Block Therapy, Hypopressives, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Massage & more. 

Lifestyle Practices

Diet, habit building, bathing routines, sleep support and herbs are some of the many techniques that support a holistic recovery.

MoonRiser’s Reported
Outcomes After 90 Days


Observe a drastic reduction in symptoms after 12 week


Decide not to undergo surgery or invasive procedures


Recommend the program to other women with pelvic floor dysfunction
Symptom Reduction
Anxiety Reduction new

* Measured through weekly user surveys for the whole duration of 12-weeks.

** Supplemented with data from a Mid-Program Check-In at Week 6 and End Program Feedback at Week 12

*** Total number of participants: 28

MoonRise How Our programs work 3

What is Natural Healing?

We use natural healing solutions that are clinically proven through empirical evidence – a fancy way of saying evidence collected through observation or experimentation.

No surgery. No invasive procedures. Just mind, body, and lifestyle management with personalised guidance for your unique needs.

Our hero healing programs address two of the biggest issues women face — Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, which affects almost 50% of women6, and Diastasis Recti, that one in three women who have had children suffer from.7

money back

Both of our programs come
with a 100% money-back guarantee

More than 9/10 participants recommend it. But if it’s not right for you, we believe you should get your money back. That’s why our programs come with a 90-day money back guarantee, so you can try them 100% financially risk free!

money back guarantee

We go the extra mile for our MoonRisers at every opportunity. What else do we guarantee?

  • Proactive customer support Miss a day or haven’t had the time to get in touch? We’ll be in touch with you.
  • Weekly progress check-ins So we know what worked, what did not, and can adjust accordingly. This means you get a real say in your care with the reassurance that you are not alone. It also means we can rely on the tenets of nudge theory and habit-building principles towards genuinely sustainable behavioural changes.
  • Your personal coach is available with a response time of 24 hours on weekdays. She is ready for your questions, challenges and all you feel comfortable sharing. This is the highest rated element by our customers. Your guide sees you as a holistic being and will support you in a manner that is right for you.

Happy MoonRise Customers:

Scientific studies that support
our approach

system icon 1

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A randomized controlled trial of 10 scheduled treatments of Myofascial Physical Therapy
system icon 2

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system icon 3

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The Pelvic Floor Fascia could play a key role in alleviating chronic pelvic pain.

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A randomized controlled trial activating myofascial strings to alleviate pelvic challenges.
icon L 10

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This study shows that exercises such as Hypopressives can help reduce symptoms …
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This neural activity went on to predict changes in sedentary behavior consistent with successful affirmation in response to a separate physical activity intervention…
icon L 21

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A large body of literature demonstrates that self-affirmations have benefits across threatening situations; affirmations can decrease stress, increase well being, and make people more open to behavior change…

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