The Root Cause Of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Its
Symptoms & How To Fix It!

My Pelvic Dysfunction Program:

1. Is designed by me, after I experienced and healed from Pelvic Organ Prolapse

2. Has a 93% success rate, is 100% natural and takes just 10-20 minutes a day to do

3. Comes with my personal results guarantee


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1 System. Many Methods.
Choice. Flexibility. Control.

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Dedicated Healing Support

121 guidance from me personally, and my team of experts

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Bi-weekly Community Calls

Connect with me and other women sharing your healing journey

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Science-backed methods

The first holistic Pelvic Dysfunction program combining ancient wisdom & modern science.

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Easy, Follow-Along Courses
No need for major equipment or products – just follow-along from home! Do the videos, pause if you need a break – we adapt to your needs!
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Check-Ins & Progress
At least every 3rd week, I check-in on your progress to see how you are doing and what you need. We continue to tailor and personalise your program
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Free 15 Minute Consultation

Personalisation is a big part of what makes MoonRise different. We take the time to get to know you, and tailor your program accordingly. Let’s get to know each other and explore whether our program could be a good fit for you. No obligation to buy – simply select a time that works for you on the Calendar here.

Our Practitioners experienced your symptoms and healed naturally

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Filippa Odevall

MoonRise Co-Founder

I visited over 12 Drs. & specialists, did Kegels diligently for months and experienced no improvements in my pelvic dysfunction. Then one day, I woke up with a pink ball in my vaginal opening. My world came crashing down. I was trembling with panic, and although I had 2 small kids to live for, I lost all hope . Every step I took was a nightmare in motion, literally.

I woke up one day and decided to change my story. I did everything under the sun – from the scientific to the esoteric. With hard work and patience, I got my life back – and more. I now enjoy all aspects of life more than ever & feel absolutely no limitations.

I used these techniques to create my Pelvic Dysfunction Program, so that no other woman would have to struggle to access essential pelvic health care.

Get started with our Pelvic Dysfunction Program today.

Our Pelvic Dysfunction Experts

Healed infertility. Pelvic Steaming Practitioner
Pelvic Steaming
Healed Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Scar Tissue Practitioner
Scar Tissue
Healed Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. MoonRise Co-Founder
Pelvic Floor
Healed 10+ conditions. Block Therapy & Fluid Isometrics Co-Founder
Scar Tissue