On-Demand Webinar: 3 MISTAKES to avoid to heal Prolapse Naturally

Join this free on-demand webinar to learn:

1.  3 mistakes/risks that no one seems to talk about to heal prolapse/pelvic floor challenges

2. The root cause and the new breakthroughs from scientific literature that can help you  

3. How to get started to heal effectively from home today


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In this free 45 minute On-demand Webinar You will Learn:

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Why Kegels may make your condition worse instead of improving it! 

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3 pelvic floor myths that you need to stop believing NOW!

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The new breakthrough science published in prestigious publications such as the Journal of Clinical Medicine & how this can help you today

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Some examples of  methods that have the best results, including my own story of reversing pelvic floor dysfunction

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Bonus: Discover a powerful body system that can help reverse the symptoms you are facing naturally from the comfort of your own home

Commonly asked questions

This webinar will focus on all things Pelvic Dysfunction. We will talk about the root cause of symptoms such as prolapse, incontinence, pelvic pain and more. We will cover 3 MISTAKES many make when dealing with such challenges. We will also demonstrate and talk about the exercises and techniques for you to start doing from the comfort of your home.

We present new techniques and methods you can add to your toolbox. If you feel no effect of doing Kegels, you will love our webinar even more.

The webinar in total is 45 mins. This includes time for questions, practical exercise for you to follow-along and some theory behind how all this works. You can skip and go back as you wish!

You don’t need any special gear beyond your body and breath. We do demonstrate a sample of a technique or exercise during the webinar and invite you to follow-along if you feel called to do so. However it is not obligatory. You can wear comfortable clothes.

Yes. You can ask your questions via chat and our team will answer it within the webinar. We have a team monitoring the chat room even though the video is pre-recorded.

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Can't join? Watch a replay from our last call now. The video is a replay but you can get your questions answered LIVE.

I’m a Pelvic floor specialist, certified doula, hypopressives instructor and healed a grade 3 prolapse successfully

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At MoonRise we guide you through pelvic floor strengthening and relaxation techniques starting with the basics. We give you the time and attention needed to get the techniques right. You also get a vast set of other methods covering emotional and spiritual well-being which are critical too for you to reclaim your health back. You are guided by over 20 practitioners who have all walked a mile in your shoes and are dedicated to help you heal.

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