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“I can heal. I am healing…It’s just an amazing program!”


“This is actually better than going to a therapist, since I get to do this from home at the cost of 1 office visit.”


Knowledgeable innovative committed leaders in prolapse recovery/ healing. Slow enough you don’t get discouraged and the focus is recovery not a face paced exercise class. Thank you all I’ll let you know when I’m a miracle like many of you

Karen Moncrieff

Really enjoying my daily practice, it starts my day beautifully and calmly, ready for anything! It’s still early days for me but I feel stronger in my core and better in myself. Tutors are so warm dedicated and professional.

Judy Connor

Both Abby and Filippa are very professional and nice instructors. The Hypopressives exercises takes a while to learn but after 4 weeks I’m getting better and also stronger in my core. I’m happy to have found Moonrise!

Ann Malmberg

“You gotta join here so that you don’t end up like me!”

“I recommend this program…It is going to make such huge difference for you.”


“I did certainly have my reservations, but things are starting to turn around for me.”


Sooooo much brilliant information on everything you need to know about the menopause and women’s health in general. Tips on diet, the right exercises and mental health are excellent. The check ins with Filippa are lovely and nurturing too. It’s a really well run program and I can’t praise it enough.


A very welcome offering to ‘support’ women of all ages on their healing journey. Although this is an online offering, everything is very personal, with live classes and the opportunity for regular zoom check-ins with Filippa, Abby and the amazing team at Moonrise. I am feeling supported practically, emotionally and mentally, a very rare combination. Highly recommend the offerings from Moonrise

Mrs Andrea Bird

MoonRiser’s Reported Outcomes After 12 Weeks

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Observe a drastic reduction in symptoms

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Decide not to undergo surgery or invasive procedures

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9 of 10

Recommend the program to other women

Symptom Reduction
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Data from 100 women collected from our feedback questionnaire sent before, during and after our programs

Thi Dao

At week 10, it was confirmed that I was symptom free..It was a great feeling!

“I’m very glad I found you!”


“Definitely recommend Hypopressives!”


Thank you to Filippa and all of the dedicated women coaches at MoonRise. What a terrific experience and a truly inspirational journey of healing the female body using a holistic approach. Who knew the human body could heal itself, with a little help from a great group of women to help you along the way. I would highly recommend this program to any woman of any age when seeking an alternative method of regaining control over your body without medical intervention. Thank you again Filippa.

Brenda Szusz

An amazing programme of different exercises including hypopressives, yoga ,meditation , visualisations amongst others to help with woman with pelvic floor dysfunction. It has been thoughtfully compiled and is based on sound, thorough research and personal experience from the founder . There is a wealth of knowledge and different approaches away from the standard Kegel exercises . A robust support system both with any I.T issue and questions relating to the physical programme are in place which gives confidence in the user that they WILL be listened to and advice given .Highly recommended.

K. Bates

I had tried numerous ways to help myself to heal the prolapse…which had happened to me when I was menopausal and in my late fifties. Some things worked but only for a short time and so I put up with many of my symptoms. It was when I came across Moonrise.health that I decided to take a leap of faith..and I am glad that I did. I have always had immense support since day one. It is a lifelong journey to stay symptom-free I realise, but I am learning all the time about how to look after my body. Now in my 60’s I feel fitter and healthier now than I was in my forties! Thank you Moonrise!

Mrs Carol Leslie

“You can not imagine, everywhere I go I am talking about the program. Everywhere.”

“The program helped me a lot, changed my mind to believe that I could recover and heal and not feel alone on my healing journey.”


“I feel brighter, more confident. I feel much much better…I’m hopeful for the future.”


Moonrise offers a different way of looking at healing prolapse and diastasis recti. After having not much success with a pelvic floor physio and feeling like there was more to life than just doing kegels. I became aware of hypopressives and wanted a different approach to healing that was more natural and didn’t involve surgery. Moonrise has shown me through lateral breathing, alignment and apnea that there is a better way. Although I am only at the start if my healing journey I am optimistic that in 6 months I will feel and look better. I already have less pelvic pain and my core has become stronger. It is a great online programme led by experienced and professional women who themselves have experienced prolapse and improved their own symptoms. I found this inspiring and want the same for myself.

Rebecca Jones

When I was so low and miserable trawling the internet I realise now I was looking for Moonrise without knowing it. So much of the information, recommendations and stories online around prolapse are so pessimistic. Somehow I knew this couldn’t be ‘it’. It couldn’t be about a downward trajectory of managing symptoms that would progressively get worse. Thank God my instincts pushed me to keep looking and I found Filippa and the Moonrise programme. It’s not just a programme though – it’s an ethos around health and healing which has empowerment and solidarity at its centre. It invites us all to have the courage to believe in our capacity for healing. It was exactly what I was looking for. I recommend Moonrise to anyone struggling with pelvic or other women’s health issues. Everyone’s particular story is different so the programme is both tailored, flexible, and as guided or self-directed as you want. I will be sticking with Moonrise for some time – there is so much to learn!


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