The Connection Between Vaginal Scar Tissue, Pelvic Dysfunction & Prolapse (PDF)

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What does vaginal scar tissue mean to you? Have you been affected by it, or is it affecting you now?

Maybe you’re unsure because no one’s talked about it before. No one’s told you what it means for your health if scar tissue is present. Sadly, this is a common problem. 

Scar tissue in the vagina might have been caused by having a vaginal birth, stitching, or something else – like emotional or physical trauma to your vagina.

Again, how would you know without proper advice or acknowledgment from your doctor, primary care provider, or anyone else?

That’s the purpose of this blog article and why we created a FREE downloadable PDF guide – to empower you with knowledge on this topic

In the guide, you’ll learn more about vaginal scar tissue and its effects on your pelvic floor health.

Also, you’ll learn about how scar tissue can cause pelvic dysfunction, leading to symptoms and conditions such as prolapse, incontinence, bulging, heaviness, pelvic pain, numbness, low libido, and more.

What’s included in the PDF?

In this PDF guide, we cover the following topics:

  • All the possible causes of vaginal scar tissue
  • How vaginal scar tissue causes pelvic dysfunction, like prolapses
  • Ways to dissolve vaginal scar tissue
  • Learn about pelvic steaming for prolapse
  • A comprehensive, safe, & effective Pelvic Dysfunction Program

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Why does vaginal scar tissue & pelvic dysfunction matter?

For starters, these are two common health issues for women, and yet, not many solutions are available within traditional healthcare to solve these issues. 

Even if you’re told you have scar tissue in your vagina or that the likelihood is high given X, Y, or Z, are you told how to address it? Or that it needs addressing, otherwise it can possibly lead to some type of pelvic dysfunction.  

Most likely not. And this is why this topic needs more attention. According to one study, hundreds of millions of women globally suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction. And most of them suffer in silence. 

We need to change this. We have to change this because it’s not acceptable.

And it’s not impossible to do either. Healing scar tissue in the vagina and in other areas of the pelvic floor can be done in several different ways – natural ways – many of which you can do from home. 

You’ll soon learn about these when you download the free PDF guide below. 

So if you’re thinking surgery is the only option, think again! You don’t have to go this route if you don’t want to.

Actually, real quick about surgery. It’s ironic to have this recommended by doctors, because surgery creates MORE scar tissue. 

The act of cutting and/or the invasive nature of the procedure, like the cutting, puncturing, or damaging of the connective tissue (also known as Fascia), is how scar tissue (or even adhesions) form.

And this is how pelvic dysfunctions, like prolapse, urinary leaking, painful sex, bulging, etc. can originate.

A safer alternative to surgery

Find practitioners & experts in the field of pelvic floor health that can teach you the exercises and methods to heal vaginal scar tissue and create more flexibility, fluidity, and relaxation in your pelvic floor to assist & accelerate the healing process. 

Everything I just spoke about in this section is why I created a program at MoonRise (and wrote this FREE PDF guide) to assist and support women on their journey to improve and eventually reverse symptoms of pelvic dysfunction.

More reasons to download this free PDF guide

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If you want a safe and effective approach to heal pelvic floor issues – you will benefit from downloading and reading this guide.

The guide gives you a detailed background on why vaginal scar tissue forms and how it can lead to pelvic dysfunction. And supply you with natural, at home-solutions to free your body from the painful and limiting symptoms.

Also, if you’re looking for a comprehensive and affordable healing plan to reverse and heal these symptoms, you’ll learn about the program we created at MoonRise.

Why is this PDF better than other free content out there?

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For one, this guide paints a full picture. It tells the story of vaginal scar tissue and the issues it causes from beginning to end. So you won’t have to piece the information within this guide together with other sources of information you find online. Unfortunately, this can be the case with other content out there.

And the PDF gives you tangible ways to heal scar tissue. And the best part, these ways are natural, safe, effective, and can be done from home!

Finally, the content in this PDF is more unique and explanatory than anything you’ll find on the web today. 

Ready for your free copy? Fill in your details below and get the PDF sent to your inbox!

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