We Are Moonrise

In addition to our Women’s Health Coaches, we have an amazing team working hard every day to better women’s health!

Core Team

Founder & Co-CEO

Driven to make natural healing accessible & credible
Founder & Co-CEO

Driven by a passion to build & create value
Operation & Customer Care

Driven by a passion for customers and exceeding their expectations`
Executive Assistant

Using big data to drive business smarts and customer experience
Program & Content Lead

Passionate about helping women through holistic health coaching


Jens Lapinski
Founding Partner & CEO of

One of Europe’s most active investors with a portfolio of 80+ companies that raised over €500m in funding
Dr. Gesa Miczaika
Co-Founder of
Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund

Driven by the vision of driving equitable representation of women as founders and investors in venture capital
Bettine Schmitz
Co-Founder of
Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund

Focused on sustainable growth and a positive impact that offer added social value beyond financial return
Andrej Steinberg
Angel Investor

Founder of Loop Ventures > pan-European health tech fund
Elise Lillihöök​
Co-CEO at 29k

Supports organisations aimed at driving positive systematic changes
Mart Maasik
Investment Director of UniTartu Ventures

Invests on creating a sustainable platform where research-based entrepreneurship and early-stage investors meet
Erik Wikström
Co-Founder and Chairman at Lokala Staden / Dark Edition

Erik’s driving force is to create and build – to find new ideas and try to make them work
Benjamin Rohé
CEO & Co-Founder at MONARCH

Co-founded a public company, amongst other startups, and has worked in the tech, renewable energy, digital space since 1997
Rasmus Adler Wahlberg
CEO and Co-Founder of Fluent Development AB

Passionate about collective intelligence, behaviour change and evolutionary collaboration and culture
Adele Treschow
Founder at Etoile Foundation

Grants opportunities to businesses meant for helping others
Anastasia Georgiadou
CEO of Alminia Sverige AB

Strongly committed to society and driving change for people with disabilities, with participation in Swedish business
Anna Af Jochnick
Board Member of Oriflame Holding AG

Aims to make a positive contribution to creating a healthier and more equal society
Calm Storm
Health Tech VC fund

Most active health tech VC fund in Europe

Success Stories

Amanda is 56 years old, post-menopausal, and suffered from Cystocele for 6 years.
Kim started to experience prolapse symptoms after having her first child.
Lois talks about the different phases of prolapse and issues with using pessaries.
Rebecka shares her experience with prolapse and her journey towards healing.
Thi, mom of 2, started feeling progress in as early as Week 3.
Julie shares her journey with prolapse, incontinence, pelvic pain and has now gained her life back!
Afraid that there wasn’t a way out, no way to heal, and had to do surgery. Annette shares her emotional story.
Suffering mentally for years due to prolapse and incontinence, Philippa had wished to find the No Kegels System prior
Bridgette Testimonial

also women says...


I started feeling progress at week 3, it was amazing! Week 7, I would go on the whole week wit no symptoms! Week 10 I was confirmed symptom-free!
Thi Dao
No Kegels System

Definitely recommend the No Kegels System to any woman in my position!
Amanda M
No Kegels System

I don’t have incontinence, heaviness, and pain anymore! We must believe we are worth this 10 – 15 min every day. Thank you, MoonRise!
Julie Corbaly
No Kegels System

I highly recommend it!
No Kegels System

I got both physical and mental tools and a lot of support from Filippa. I can, from my heart, recommend MoonRise coaching programs!
No Kegels System

From the first time I did the apnea exercise, I thought oh my God! Everyting started to make sense! I could physically feel it worked!
No Kegels System

I didn’t dream of ever playing with my kids again, but I’m now fully able to take my 4 yr old and 1 yr old for a sleigh ride!
No Kegels System

Exactly what I needed when I was down…I was pulling my hair out with my symptoms, and this saved me, literally!
No Kegels System