Abby Lord


  • Personal trainer Level 3 / ActiveIQ
  • Kettlebell training – Level 2 – ActiveIQ
  • Sarah Duvall postnatal specialist
  • PGDE (teacher training High school)
  • Your pelvic matters
  • Anatomy weekend workshops – Edinburgh anatomy
  • Hypopressive Master Trainer with LPF
  • Hypopressives founding member with International Hypopressive Council
  • Wim Hoff weekend course
  • Pilates training with BASI

Symptoms I can help with:

  • Incontinence
  • Prolapse
  • Rectocele
  • Enterocele
  • Bulging
  • Heaviness
  • Diastasis Recti
  • Core Issue
  • Postpartum training
  • Pregnancy pelvic health

MoonRisers working with Abby:

I am so pleased to have found the MoonRise hypopressive course and delighted to see an improvement in my pelvic floor function after just 6w so far! Abby is a lovely, warm and highly knowledgeable instructor who delivers clear instruction for all the different moves and exercises. I love that all her live classes are accessible to replay and follow at any time; unfortunately I have never managed attend the live classes but still feel part of the class and feel great after each one, feeling more energised, more supple and have a growing confidence in my body. Brilliant!

Abby Lord’s Story

My journey to Hypopressives began after first experiencing horrendous incontinence( I could not drive or be driven anywhere without having to stop every 5-10 minutes to pee) then giving myself gallstones by not drinking anything for fear of peeing my pants at work, then finally the icing on the cake discovering I had a prolapse shortly after the birth of my second boy (I had whooping cough when I was 7 months pregnant) and I like so many other women had no idea what was happening to me. In the UK we have an out of hours service called NHS 24 I called them in a panic, frightened, worried that the whole of my insides might fall out! The advice was to keep my legs elevated as much as possible throughout the weekend (like that was going to be practical as I had two children under 2).
I spent hours on the inter web trying to find a more doable solution and I found a bio by Trista Zinn – she contacted Tamara Rial and they found Sally Scott in Edinburgh who had done the level 1 training. It was a remarkable feat of womanhood that helped to turn the darkness to into something positive and hopeful.

After having such success with Hypopressives myself within a relatively short space of time initially the incontinence and as I became more diligent the bulging (like the feeling of a tampax falling out) started to slowly improve with some days actually forgetting I had a prolapse. Buoyed by the changes in my own situation I realised that I had to start the process of breaking the feeling of shame that so many women feel. I took the plunge, invested in me and took initially the level 1 course in London with Tamara and Trista.

I have now been coaching Hypopressives since 2012 and offer group classes, 1-2-1 sessions and workshops.

Theory Courses

Fascia Awakening: Breath, Alignment, and Hypopressive Movements

Abby Lord

A transformative journey designed to unlock the hidden potential of your fascia and revolutionize your overall well-being.

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Hypopressives Level 1 - Phase 1 with Abby Lord

Abby Lord

Dive into our extensive online program centered around Hypopressives - a groundbreaking approach aimed at bolstering core stability, refining posture, and uplifting overall health.

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Abby in the news

Hypopressives with Abby Lord

Abby Lord

Suzanne interviews Abby Lord, on how Hypopressives use breath work and posture to address pelvic floor issues such as prolapses, urinary incontinence, and pelvic floor disorders.

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