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Abby Lords 6 week daily hypopressives course helped me improve my prolapse considerably. All are well communicated and easy to understand. I can thoroughly recommend the Moonrise Course and have continued my subscription to the library as I often like to reference it

Elizabeth Cooke


An amazing course. It has been thoughtfully compiled and is based on sound, thorough research and personal experience from the founder. There is a wealth of knowledge and different approaches away from the standard Kegel exercises. A robust support system both with any I.T issue and questions relating to the physical programme are in place.

K. Bates


Recommend MoonRise to learn Hypopressive in a safe and educational way. Very talented and experienced teachers.

Birgitta Möller


It is so much easier! I can go down stairs like a normal person and walk up the hill without discomfort. I can get out of cabs like a normal person , instead of it taking me 4 minutes. Previously I had to cancel an appointment with someone as it was too painful to walk ıp the hill. Also I took a walk to an ATM and I was reminded that I had to take a taxi back as it was too painful to walk back when the symptoms were at their worst point. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Nancy Swyers


A good educational course. It is a wealth of knowledge and provides inspiration. The structure of the course is good both with recorded lessons and live classes. I am very pleased.

Lena Gustafsson


What will you learn from this 45 minute training?


What are Hypopressives & who is it for?

Learn how it all began, what Hypopressives entails and the benefits of this wonderful technique for your health

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Big risks to avoid & sample follow-along exercise

Get a taste of the method by following-along for a simple practice (suitable for all ages, can be done on a chair) and avoid these BIG risks at all costs.

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How to get started safely and Q&A

Getting started from home without any risks. Get your questions answered by our experts in the chat room

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Meet Our Expert Hypopressive Trainer


Abby Lord

Master Trainer. 10+ years, 1000+ students trained.

Abby stumbled upon Hypopressives after being diagnosed with a prolapse (rectocele & enterocele), incontinence and diastasis-recti. Hypopressives have helped her reclaim her health. Today, she lives a completely symptom-free life.

This training is free, but we have limited spots


Clear out 45 minutes.

This training can be life-changing. So please be prepared to clear out 45 minutes before registering to ensure you have no distractions during the event.


Pick a time slot

Click on the button below to get the next available slot. These spots go out very soon given the popularity of the topic, so do hurry to pick your spot.


Check email for joining link

We send a confirmation email with your link to join. We would appreciate you showing up if you register for your time slot.


Get started safely from home

Get the full rundown of the technique, follow-along and get your questions answered in the chat room live by our team.

Hypopressives is a revolutionary breathing technique to help you get back to being you

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Reverse Pelvic Challenges

If you are suffering from prolapse, incontinence, pelvic pain or any of the 60+ pelvic dysfunction symptoms, Hypopressives is a must have in your toolbox

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Get your core back

If you have Diastasis-Recti, weak core, mommy pooch and similar core challenges, Hypopressives has you covered

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Pre- Peri- & Post-Menopausal

Symptoms of menopause or connected conditions that arise years later, Hypopressives is your saviour

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Tighter V

If you feel saggy, loose or suffer from queefs, Hypopressives helps you tune back the clock for real. As the quote goes from one of our customers - “I have a V of a teenager now at 47”. It's your time.

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Chronic Issues

Our modern passive lifestyles have created an epidemic of chronic issues and Hypopressives is your perfect antidote since it involves work with the nervous system, fascia and breath

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Deepen your breathwork

If you are into breathing and see benefits of other breathing techniques, Hypopressives can help you unlock a deeper world of breathwork

Here are answers to some common questions we get

Yes, hypopressives can help you with nerve issues, be in the pelvic area or otherwise. We cover the reason why Hypopressives can be effective in the webinar, so do join us.

The short answer is yes. We have had women see real reveral of symptoms within 12 weeks of consistent practice. Age is no barrier.

The general answer to this is yes, but we do urge you to register for the training and send us your question privately to our expert team. Alternatively you can email us at support@moonrise.health for further guidance.

You don’t need any special gear beyond your body and breath. We do demonstrate parts of the technique during the webinar and invite you to follow-along if you feel called to do so. However it is not obligatory. You can wear comfortable clothes.

Yes, you will get a replay emailed automatically to you if you sign up for the training by clicking on the button above

No special app needed. Yes, you can join this webinar on any device as long as you have a stable internet connection.

No, it is pre-recorded with real participants. We are a team answering all your questions on the chat all the time.

You can always email us at support@moonrise.health. We reply to every email personally and typically within 3 business days. That said, we do our best to cover as many questions as possible during the training.

If none of the slots presented work for you, please email us at support@moonrise.health. Our team will either offer you new time slots to pick from or a replay video to watch on-demand at your convenience.